Christina Palmer Art Studio            

   Voted "Best Visual Artist" by Charlotte Magazine                                                                                       704-488-1431


  • Techniques Used — Drybrush painting technique, or the "Old Masters" technique, is the main method of painting taught at the studio. It uses artists' medium (Damar varnish) and turpentine. 

  • The students' first painting will be a still life composition (either of a fruit bowl or a wine bottle, wine glass, and fruit), which allows them to master the primary shapes and colors. Prior to this, they will practice with pastels and chalk

  • Established in 1992 in Charlotte, North Carolina and relocated to Wilmington, North Carolina in 2018, the Christina Palmer Art Studio has been helping foster artists of all skill levels for nearly 30 years

  • Assisted in the development of many artists of all ages, from as young as five years old to teenagers and adults. **Currently accepting students ages nine and older**

  • Conveniently centrally located near UNCW off the intersection of College Road and Wrightsville Avenue — 7 miles from downtown Wilmington and 5 miles from Wrightsville Beach